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self-adhesive trademark laminating machine
Purpose and characteristics
Xinhe Machinery Company offers XHM500 type self-adhesive trademark laminating machine. The laminating machine is special to different reel materials, is specially used for laminating the glossy, coarse, laminating and anti-falsehood laser films. It is mainly applicable to self-adhesive trademark reel materials post-printing processing industry. Compared with the traditional self-adhesive cold glue lamination, the machine can save cost by more than 45% at least, and can eliminate the worry of replacing the film every 400m. After lamination, the product has fine binding capacity, high transparency and strong durability. The laminated hot roll take the oil medium for electric heating, the surface temperature is homogenous, the feeding shaft and laying-off shaft take…… 【More



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  Dongguan Xinhe Machinery Co.,Ltd. (belonging to Dongguan Wei to Machinery Technology Co. Ltd.) specializes in production BOPP Thermal Lamination Film high speed Laminate Machine、Roll to roll Label Heat Laminate Machine、Roll to roll embossing press machine、slitting machine、quality inspection machine、 Exposure Machine、 UV drier and printing peripheral equipments。We have strong and advanced technology,The machines sell well in the whole country and have being exported to overseas.
   This company receives:"road, the manner road, the innovation road of the absolute sincerity" Management idea, by essence、 thin、solid mode of administration comprehensive promotion improvement product each function satisfies the customer the demand, simultaneously the company has the collection research and development, the production, the sale, the service highly effective is a body’s team and the home, the international each sales network organization, comes the making profession forerunner, thus achieves the brand value strategic target, goes to the better back coupling customer and the society.[+More]
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